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2016/12/27 Axiomtek’s Newest 1U Rack-mount Network Appliance with Great Expansion Capabilities – NA720
2016/11/09 Compact Network Appliance with the latest Intel® Atom™ x5-E3930 Processor – Axiomtek NA345
2016/05/20 Axiomtek 1U Rackmount Network Appliance NA343R Brings High Security to Protect Your Business Network
2016/04/14 Axiomtek Introduces Low Power Intel® Celeron®-based Network Security Appliance with 4 Gigabit LANs for SOHO Users – NA343
2015/09/02 Axiomtek Introduces NA580, Powerful 1U Rackmount Network Appliance Based on Intel® Xeon® E3/Core™ Processors
2015/09/02 Axiomtek's Intel® Quad-Core 1U Network Appliance with 6 Gigabit LANs Aimed at SMB Market - NA342R
2015/08/27 Accelerate Your Network Security Business with Axiomtek’s Fanless Desktop RISC Network Appliance Platform– NA150
2014/09/09 Axiomtek's Powerful Network Appliance Supports Intel® Xeon E5-2600 V3 Series and up to 42 Gigabit LANs– NA850
2014/03/03 Introducing One of the Most Powerful Rackmount Network Appliance Systems with 4th Generation Intel® Core-based Processor, Axiomtek’s NA570
2014/02/19 Axiomtek's Cost-effective Network Appliance, NA342, with Intel® Atom™ E3825 Processor and 4 Gigabit LANs for SOHO Market
2014/02/19 Axiomtek's New SOHO Six Gigabit Ethernet Network Appliance Supports Intel® Atom™ C2358 SoC and Intel® QuickAssist Technology – NA361
2013/10/08 Axiomtek’s Entry-level Network Appliance, NA342, with SoC Intel® Celeron® Processor and 4 Gigabit LANs
2013/09/04 Axiomtek's New High-performance Network Appliance NA361 Supports Six Ethernet Ports, Intel® Atom™ C2000 processors (SoC’s) with Intel® QuickAssist Technology and DPDK
2013/09/02 Axiomtek Launched High Performance Intel® Xeon® E3 Network Appliance Platform with Three Front Accessible Expansion Slots, max. 26 Gigabit LANs – NA552
2013/06/28 Axiomtek Introduces Fanless Slim-type Network Appliance with Intel® Atom™ N2600 and 4 Gigabit LANs for SOHO Users - NA341
2012/08/16 Fanless Desktop Network Appliance with Intel® Atom™ D525 and 6 Gigabit LANs for SOHO Users - NA-340FL
2012/07/19 Entry-Level, Slim-type Network Platform with AMD G-Series Processor Offers Fanless, Low-Power Operation - NA-110
2012/04/12 Axiomtek's Extremely High Performance Network Appliance Platform Featuring 3rd and 2nd Generation Intel® Core Processors with up to 8 Gigabit LANs - NA-560
2012/04/12 Axiomtek's Highly Flexible 3rd/2nd Generation Intel® Core Network Appliance Supports 26 LANs - NA-551
2011/11/17 Axiomtek Launched High Performance Intel® Xeon® E3 Network Appliance Platform with max. 26 Gigabit LANs and Three Front Accessible Expansion Slots
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