Systems & Platforms

Network Communication Platform

Compact Network Appliance

Information about Compact Network Appliance

Low power, fanless, noiseless, reasonable performance, and slim form factor designs are characters of Axiomtek compact network hardware platforms appliances. The network appliances can be used in small and home offices as network security devices, or other embedded applications.

Rackmount Network Appliance

Information about Rackmount Network Appliance

Axiomtek's 19-inch rackmount network appliance barebones with enclosure management capability, electromagnetically approved, and high density of Ethernet port, are suitable for various environments and applications. Axiomtek does not only provide high computing performance and reliable hardware platforms, but also provide system development kits for software integration.

Peripheral Card

Information about Peripheral Card

Axiomtek provides many kinds of peripheral cards for network security appliances, embedded boards and other applications to help customers upgrading current platform.